At World Ship Supplies, we understand the entire shipping administrative process well. These are some of the value added services we offer.

Save on extra transportation cost when you place your order with us. Care of parties is welcome to deliver goods to us and we will send them on board at NO COST.

Each account is personally overseen by a dedicated account manager, so you can be assured of excellent service and well thought out advice.

We supply technical stores and provisions to vessels and offshore constructions and has firmly established it as a leading marine supplier. We are a Singapore base, Singapore registered ship Supplies Company. We specialized in food and beverages, provision of stationary, engine room machinery tools for Ships & Vessel during stop over on major ports of the World.

Through our constant creative services & ingenuity, we provide our services accurately according to our costumers’ needs that are getting more and more sophisticated and varied. World Ship Supplies is your one stop shop for all your shipping needs. We have a huge inventory of shipping supply items priced to beat our competitors.