Alumnimum Bi-Fold Door

Our Bi-Fold Door series is a classic choice among customers for their toilet and kitchen entrances. A simple push slides the door into a “V” which reveals an almost full opening. This space saving feature allows users to pass through with ease which is essential in most space-constraint homes and workplaces.

Product Features

Space Savings

Folds neatly, maximizing room space

Water Resistance

Withstands moisture for long-lasting performance

Versatile Design

Adaptable to various architectural styles

Smooth Operation

Effortless folding and unfolding for user convenience


Long-lasting materials ensure enduring performance

Section Profile

Standart Material

Outer Width: 34.8mm (A); Inner Width: 36.2mm (B)

Big Material

Outer Width: 34.8mm (A); Inner Width: 36.2mm (B)


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