Slimness Door

Unveil the future of door technology with the Slimness Door, featuring an advanced 3rd-generation track system. This cutting-edge innovation transforms your space with six distinctive types: Interlocking, Invisible, Swing, Spirit, Double, and Bi-Fold doors. The sleek design not only prioritizes aesthetics but also maximizes functionality. Elevate your living experience with a door system that blends seamless operation and modern elegance, setting new standards in architectural solutions.

Product Features


Operates silently, minimizing noise disturbance for a peaceful environment.


Effectively absorbs and minimizes vibrations, ensuring a steady and secure performance

Dust Proof

Ensure a dust-free environment, preserving the product's integrity and enhancing longevity.

Anti Shaking/ Anti Sinking

Resilient against shaking or sinking, maintaining stability and reliability.

6 Types of Slimness Door

Interlocking Door

Our Interlocking Door is a pinnacle of security and design. With an ingenious interlocking system, it provides enhanced safety. Seamlessly combining functionality and aesthetics, this door adds a touch of sophistication to your space while ensuring the utmost protection.

Invisible Door

Our Invisible Door redefines elegance and functionality. Discreetly hidden within the wall, it presents a minimalist aesthetic. The innovative “press to open” feature adds a modern touch, eliminating the need for traditional handles. This door seamlessly integrates into any interior, offering both style and convenience. Experience a harmonious blend of aesthetics and technology with our Invisible Door.

Double Door

Our Double Door is a versatile solution suitable for all spaces. Its design blends functionality with aesthetic appeal, offering a seamless and elegant entrance. Whether enhancing the grandeur of a main entrance or providing a graceful transition between rooms, the double-door configuration complements various architectural styles. With a focus on versatility, it is crafted to suit every area seamlessly.

Spirit Door

Experience the effortless charm of our Spirit Door, boasting an invisible track system that enhances the door’s sleek appearance. Suitable for various spaces, this door seamlessly blends aesthetics with practicality. The hidden track ensures a smooth, unobtrusive glide, contributing to a refined atmosphere. Elevate your interiors with the versatility and modern allure of the Spirit Door.

Bi-Fold Door

Experience the versatility of our Bi-Fold Door, a space-efficient solution designed for easy accessibility. With a user-friendly mechanism, this door opens effortlessly, saving valuable space. Its folding design adds a touch of modernity while ensuring convenience, making it an ideal choice for those seeking a seamless blend of style and practicality.

Swing Door

Our Swing Door combines practicality and aesthetic appeal in a seamless design. With effortless operation, it opens with ease, providing a convenient solution for everyday use. The space-saving feature ensures suitability for various settings. Its durable construction and timeless style make it a reliable choice for those who seek functionality without compromising on elegance.

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