Alumnimum Swing Door

Aluminium swing doors provide great thermal and sound insulation which are properties valued by many users who wishes to reduce external heat and distracting noises. Constant in and outward access through the door also requires ease of manoeuvring and durable hinges which aluminium doors offer as well.

Product Features

Great thermal and sound insulation

Excellent thermal and sound insulation, creating a comfortable and quiet interior environment by minimizing external heat and noise

Easy Manoeuvre

With a user-friendly design, our aluminum swing doors offer effortless maneuvering, ensuring smooth and easy in and outward access through the door


Crafted from durable materials, our aluminum swing doors are built to withstand the test of time, providing long-lasting performance and reliability

Section Profile

Standard Material

Outer Width: 74mm, 50.7mm (Toilet) (A); Inner Width: 76.2mm (B)

Jumbo Material

Outer Width: 100mm (A); Inner Width: 100mm (B)


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