Alumnimum Casing Door

Doors under sinks and stoves are usually made of acrylic panel and aluminium frame as they are both water and heat-resistant. The lightweight materials also allow users to access stored items underneath with ease which ensures safety while multi-tasking in the kitchen.

Product Features

Heat and water-resistant

designed to withstand high temperatures and resist water, ensuring durability and longevity


The use of lightweight materials makes installation and handling easy, providing convenience and flexibility

Low Maintenance

With minimal care requirements, our product offers a hassle-free solution, saving you time and effort in upkeep

Section Profile

Swing Type

Standard Material Outer Width: 38.2mm (A); Inner Width: 31mm (B)

Sliding Type

Standard Material Outer Width: 2-Way: 73mm (A), 3-Way: 111mm (A); Inner Width: 37mm (B)


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