Casement Type Window

Casement windows operate by swinging panels inward and out, thus using a lightweight yet strong material such as aluminium is desirable as it assures users durability of not only the panels, but also the hinges which hold them. In addition, these windows offer great tightness when closed and hence are better resistant to air, sound and water inflow. The capacity to push or pull in the windows beyond the wall also allow users to enjoy a wider external view and amount of breeze when desired.

Product Features

Weather Resistant

Casement windows are designed to create a tight seal, keeping out rain, wind, and other elements


Option to install window opening restriction accessories for enhanced security

Strong Sound Insulation

The sealed window frame design effectively isolates and reduces the transmission of sound


Crafted from sturdy and durable materials to ensure prolonged use without susceptibility to damage

Multiple Opening Options

Can open upwards, swing left or right, and offers a double-opening feature

Easy To Operate

Effortless functionality for user convenience

Section Profile

Standart Material

Outer Width: 72mm (A); Inner Width: 41.9mm (B)

Big Material

Outer Width: 80mm (A); Inner Width: 70.5mm (B)


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