Frameless Tempered Glass Swing Door

Expand the visual horizon of your interior space with the use of our frameless tempered glass products. These products exudes a t ouch of modern glamor and minimal care is required for them to stay looking great through time. More importantly, tempered glass boasts great safety and strength as it breaks into small granular chunks instead of sharp edged pieces in contrast to non-safety glasses when impacted. This ensures a safe living environment for you and your loved ones.

Product Features

Allow maximum ligth and vision access

Enjoy abundant natural light and unobstructed views with the frameless tempered glass, enhancing the overall brightness and openness of your living or working space

Maximised space visually

Creates a sense of openness, making your space appear larger and more visually appealing

Excellent strength and safety

Provides exceptional strength and safety, as it breaks into small granular chunks upon impact, reducing the risk of injury and ensuring a secure living environment


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